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Registration and certification of medical equipment imported in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and the Ukraine.

We help manufacturers and suppliers of medical products (medical equipment) from Germany and other countries to obtain all documents required for import in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and the Ukraine.
What kind of documents are they?
Concerning Russia to these belong:
-  Registration certificate of the Federal Service for the Supervision of Public Health and Social development
- Rosstandard Obligatory certificate GOST R
- Hygiene Certificate of Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights
Our experts will prepare all registration documents, execute all types of examinations and tests: toxicological, clinical, and technical, and will also translate required information from applicant’s language (manufacturer or seller) into Russian.
If you choose our company You will:

  • Get free consultations of accredited and competent specialists.
  • Save your time to get Registration Certificate, Certificate of Conformity GOST R and Hygiene Certificate.
  • Save your money and time to introduce the product into the market.

What advantage gives You Registration and Certification of medical products?
In Russia all registered and certified products are exempt from 18% VAT during customs clearance;
Seller (manufacturer) of medical equipment can
- sell his products on the whole territory of Russian Federation and participate in state tenders to purchase medical equipment.
-sell and supply his products directly to any medical institution, hospital, health resort, health centre and pharmacy.
The registration of medical equipment in Russia is a complicated, time-consuming and quite expensive process. The registration in Belarus, Kazakhstan and the Ukraine has some differences which our specialists aware of fully well.
If You want to get a free consultation, please, fill in the form or contact us by phone.
You can fill in the form in German, English, Russian or any other language. Our specialists will work with You on-line.

Long experience of our company shows that sometimes products of our clients are not for medical purpose and do not require the Registration Certificate of the Federal Service for the Supervision of Public Health and Social development. To import such products in Russia clients should arrange other documents (certificates, Hygiene Certificate etc.). It generally relates to the medical and pharmaceutical equipment used in cosmetology.

For more information on registration procedures of medical equipment in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and the Ukraine, please, click the corresponding link in the menu.

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